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Candy machine principle and characteristics

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Candy machine principle and characteristics
Update Time:04-05-2012

The candy machine on the market is varied, according to the type of the candy, candy chocolate machine, mechanical divided into isomaltooligosaccharide machine, marshmallow machine, etc. But the basic principle of manufacturing candy roughly about, is according to the characteristics of the raw material and candy candy to the shape of the different have a difference.

Only the hard candy machinery and will cotton sugar mechanical simply introduce the:
Hard candy process is: soluble sugar-vacuum boil sugar-mixed-cooling-molding-cooling-bag-in outsourcing. First will make candy of raw materials in the cook sugar machine of high temperature melting, in about 109 degrees Celsius temperature, then will melt of syrup in 120 degrees Celsius vacuum boil sugar machine, into the blender mixed, in the cooling machine for cooling, and then making forming, through the conveyor belt 3 minutes cooling, can undertake inside the bag, but must pay attention to the temperature regulate the good. The last is outsourcing, become a we buy in the street to candy!
And in the streets and often can see, the kids, like cotton candy mechanical work principle is the most simple, is to use the centrifugal force. First through the canned liquefied gas heating will sugar sugar into half heating makes melting state, borrow rely on electric turn the handwheel drive speed device rapidly rotating machine centrifugal force will sling out syrup, in the air cooling into cotton was, and then the cotton with a stick sidelights also will do.
Candy mechanical principle have one thing in common-melting, and processing, and cooling, molding packaging.
Candy mechanical varied, manufacturing different candy, using the candy machine is different, of course, since the candy raw materials have similar attributes, so the characteristics of modern confectionery machinery is similar.

At present domestic candy machine Lord if metal material, along with the development of high-tech, candy machine will gradually replace become candy production line, candy is the production line will be different candy machine performance together, so save from one machine to another machine, from a process to the next process trouble, save time, save the human cost more. And candy production line can save a lot of unnecessary process, make up more efficient.
The principle of confectionery machinery actually all about, main is first the candy raw materials melting processing, then deep processing, taste and etc, again in particular machine for cooling, become design good product shape, with the packaging machine packing is good, can sell out.......
Candy machinery in the most important part was cook sugar machine and packaging machine.
Candy machine, is the production of various kinds of candy mechanical equipment. Candy is based on sugar, powder syrup (which or other sugar) or permit the use of sweetener, edible pigment as the main raw material, according to certain request processing production technology made of solid or semi-solid sweet food. In China, on the holidays or blessing, will be distributed candy to express festival.

The main confectionery machinery production line: milk sugar hard candy sandwich line; Type of chewing gum line; Double color design and color bubble gum line; Lollipop production line; Hollow ball alien bubble gum line; Hard candy extrusion machine; Double color wafer roll machine production line; Sugar coating machine, pulverizer etc candy equipment.
The most common confectionery machinery: automatic feeding sugar coating machine, milk sugar over a flat line/two knives, egg roll machine production line, the car high speed crusher, chain milk sugar hard candy to be automatic molding production line, double color bubble gum line, spherical bubble gum line, lollipops production line-hard candy insulation braces machine, lollipops production line-BangTang molding machine, three cooling machine, milk sugar production line/type 680-mixer, xylitol gum equipment, chewing gum line/mixer, chewing gum line/extrusion machine, milk sugar production line-method.the forming head, strong hard candy molding machine, etc.